What is Nurse Aide Registry?

The CNA registry is generally maintained by the State Department of Health and/or the State Board of Nursing. The purpose of the registry is for employers to find out as much pertinent information about the CNA before hiring.

In addition to licensure, before employment, the CNA must also pass a background check and be fingerprinted. Previous convictions can disqualify the CNA from employment unless one has applied for and been granted a waiver through the appropriate Board(s). The waiver is only granted following an investigation and, possibly, a hearing.

The registry contains information regarding the CNA’s training facility, licensure, results of the background check, and a list of any infractions in the work environment, including any findings of abuse, neglect or theft.

Any arrest or allegation of misconduct can result in suspension of the license until due process of the law is completed, even if those arrests have nothing to do with the clinical setting or work. One’s arrests are always public record, even if one is completely exonerated of wrongdoing. Specific arrests or allegations of concern would be regarding domestic violence and/or drugs and alcohol.

Since requirements vary widely from state to state, and since the registry and records for any state can be searched, it is a good idea for the CNA to know the specific requirements of the state in which he or she is seeking work.

You can find list of all states nurse aide registry contact information