What is the Difference between A Geriatric Aide and A Nursing Aide?

The difference between a Geriatric Aide and a nursing aide is simple: the specialty of Geriatrics is working with the elderly population while a nursing aide is trained to provide direct care to all ages of patients.

The Geriatric Aide is trained in basic comfort and care methods as is the nursing aide, but the Geriatric Aide will also receive training in the specific handling of geriatric patients. Since geriatric patients often have different needs and need different precautions taken, the Geriatric Aide will be more specifically trained. These elements will be covered in basic nurse aide training, but with less concentration.

Geriatric Aides usually choose that particular specialty because they specifically want to work with elderly patients. Such training as fall prevention, skin care/breakdown/tears, dementia, Least Restrictive Environments (LREs), and even how medications can affect an aging person differently than the average patient are all things covered in the specialty training more in depth than in basic nurse aide training.