Where Can I Find Free CNA Classes?

Often the prospective CNA trainee is looking for training that will make them employable quickly and without incurring other expenses. The best place to find that option is to consider being trained through a specific facility.

Receiving training through a clinical facility requires that one find a facility that offers its own training. This information can be found often on the State Board of Nursing websites or the facility’s own website, in a classified ad, or by simply calling around to various local facilities to find out who has such a training program. If the information is found elsewhere than from the State Board, it is wise to check the State Board website to ensure that it is a State BON approved training facility. One can often find statistics on the Board sites as to the passing rate of graduates of the facility which indicates the thoroughness of their training and can be an indicator of their reputation in the industry.

With facility training, not only does the trainee have the benefit of free training, but it also usually includes a guaranteed job after training, as well as exposure to actual patients and real-world situations. Also, trainees are often allowed to work for so many days or weeks before taking the certification test. That way one is getting paid while gaining more exposure to an actual clinical setting, resulting in a higher level of confidence in one’s skills and comfort taking the test. Some facilities offer one rate of pay for training and a raise upon passing the CNA certification examination.

Usually if one is trained by a clinical facility, the trainee incurs a commitment to work at that facility for a specified amount of time in order to “repay” the free training that they give you. This doesn’t cost money, simply time and commitment, and the trainee is also making a paycheck while training.

If one can find the right venue, the prospective CNA will be trained according to the specific needs of the clinic, so it may be necessary to do some outside research and study before taking the certification exam to ensure that one is completely on target with the State Board exam. Also, the fees for the exam may or may not be paid by the facility as part of the training.

If one fulfills his or her employment requirement after training and decides then to move on to another facility, one has gained not only the necessary certification, but also the practical experience which will likely be valued by the future employer. Many employers require one to two years experience to get hired.

Often trainees ask, “How am I supposed to get experience if no one will hire me without experience?” This is resolved by receiving training through a specific facility. One can remain with the training facility for the required amount of time to gain necessary time and experience.