How to Get CNA Training Online

It is possible to get trained in an approved online program as a CNA. Most of these programs have schedules which allow the trainee to continue his or her normal daily routine, whether job or childcare, while getting the needed certification training.

Most frequently such programs are available through online universities. There may also be other approved online programs designated on the appropriate State Board of Nursing site.

Such programs allow the trainee to learn appropriate skills through online study while scheduling practical, clinical experience through approved local venues.

There are also opportunities for additional training beyond basic certification online. At times, once the CNA gets into the field, he or she might become aware of an area of expertise where one feels inadequately trained or prepared. It is also possible that the CNA might find themselves requested to perform in an area (such as Alzheimer’s or Hospice) for which he or she was not specifically prepared. Often one can find refresher courses or new skill courses online for a reasonable fee, often as low as $19.95 for a specific course. These courses will be for the purpose of enhancing ones knowledge in a specific area as there will not be a clinical portion involved. It would be up to the CNA to demonstrate to his or her employer the skills gained by taking such a course.

It’s not really possible to complete the whole CNA course online as it evolves a lot of lab and clinical training. But if you are in a situation where you want to save as much time as possible, you can find a number of schools which provide the theory part of the training online and the practical at your nearby healthcare facility.

Online training is not for everyone but it’s a great option for people with little to no time to spare for classroom sitting and relatively OK computer skills. To learn CNA online, you don’t need to have special computer skills; however, you should have the basics like: browsing the internet, run any software on your PC (usually the training comes as a text book in pdf and/or series of videos).

You can find a lot of schools (usually private) that provide online CNA training in our accredited CNA training programs database. The programs are gathered from each state board of nursing websites and formatted and categorized concisely for ease of use. Please start your search from your home town and work your way up to other states if you cannot find any programs in your area.

Other alternatives to online CNA training are evening and weekend classes. It’s very common to find training faculties that provide classes this way and they are particularly designed for adults who are working other jobs and want to switch to CNA without jeopardizing their current job. I highly recommend that you try to find these kind training options first before going for the online programs.