Alabama Nurse Aide Registry

Contact Information

Alabama Department of Public Health
Division of Health Care Facilities

RSO Tower, Suite 600
201 Montgomery Street
Montgomery AL 36104
Phone: 334-206-5159
Fax: 334-206-5219
Nurse Aide Registry Coordinator
Ron Holland, Special Investigator
Phone: (334)206-5169

About Alabama CNA Registry
The state of Alabama requires all nurse aides to be listed under the CNA registry. The list also includes all licensed practical and registered nurses. All professionals should be in good standing at all times in order to maintain their certified status and keep themselves eligible for employment.

The state of Alabama also has stringent rules when it comes to listing new nurse aides into the registry. Interested applicants who wish to get listed in the registry either have to complete a state approved training program and pass the certification exam (both written and skills) or if the applicant is transferring from another state, he/she must be hired by a nursing home in the state of Alabama first before becoming eligible for inclusion in the registry. Nursing homes are the only available options for out of state CNAs to get listed into the registry. If the applicant prefers to work as a home health CNA – not in nursing homes then the only option for such applicant is to retake the training program and certification exam all over again.

Training Requirements:

All applicants who wish to become certified nurse aide must complete a state approved CNA training program.

Certification Requirements:

All candidates are required to take state/federal CNA certification exam after successful completion of the training program. The written exam will be followed by clinical skill test. The student must pass both exams.

The state doesn’t provide paper certificate or anything like that. The social security number if the identification number used in the CNA registry.

When you require name change due to marriage, divorce, etc, all you need to do is contact Alabama Department of Public Health Division of Health Care Facilities at the above address with your SSN and photo ID.

Certification Renewal:

Certification renewal period is two years from the last renewal date or if the applicant is new, from the date of successful completion of certification exam. All CNAs have to work at least 8 hours within the two year renewal period in order to keep their registry listing active. These 8 hours must be spent in months in a nursing home, hospital, home health agency, hospice agency, or mental health facility. Anything else is not acceptable by the state. If the CNA fails to meet this requirement, he/she must take the training and certification exam again.

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